What do parents look for in the best CBSE school? Academic excellence? Quality of the school’s organization and the facilities provided? More than these factors, parents are more inclined towards the safety measures in school for students.

Safety and Security - SJSVK

Schools are meant to be a safe place for children. We have been very consistent in upgrading the safety system to ensure not only the physical but psychological safety of the students.

• The school is under CCTV surveillance, which is being used to provide surveillance and to keep track of all the activities that take place inside the premises of the school.

• All staff actively supervises students both inside and outside the classrooms.

• All areas are safe by design or by staff supervision.

• Consistent active background verification of the staff is done.

• Buildings and ground are well maintained and have multiple exit points for emergency, Besides being is structurally more resistant to hazardous.

• Our building is well equipped with fire safety equipments.

• School administration, staff, teachers as well as students are appropriately prepared to respond to any catastrophe natural or man-made.

• We have established safe and confidential reporting mechanisms for bullying incidents and clear procedures for investigation and appropriate response to the same is done.

• Disciplinary and safety problems are quickly and appropriately addressed.

• Students feel safe reporting crime and safety problems to staff.

Sri Jayendra Swamigal Vidhya Kendra

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