A well-designed architectural marvel with adequate open space for children to feel ‘free and liberated’ and an aesthetically designed campus with ample landscapes clubbed with amenities of international standards, an ideal location to pursue quality learning. The campus is scientifically planned, artistically designed and precisely constructed to meet the demand in grooming global citizens.

Class-rooms possess spacious green writing boards (with dust free chalks), LCD projectors and pull down screens, and connectivity through LAN for network access. The seating contours are specially designed for comfort which is necessary for concentrated study.

The school situated in the tranquility of a place, away from the dust and crowd of the city, has temperature controlled classrooms, well equipped labs, a library, toy room etc, with complement classroom activities and creates an environment conducive to high concentration levels and creativity.

We ensure a productive and proactive mind through myriad projects and assignments and always careful to sustain high motivation levels.

Sri Jayendra Swamigal Vidhya Kendra

V.M. Chatram, Maharaja Nagar (po), Tirunelveli,
Tamil Nadu, India - 627 011.
Call: 96775 98976